Silver Wings
Being part of Silver Wings comes with great dedication and responsibility. In Silver Wings cadets learn how to navigate an aircraft, including planes, helicopters, and gliders. To earn the Silver Wings badge each cadet will be responsible in conducting a simulation consisting of navigating an aircraft off the ground, performing maneuvers in the air at a secure altitude, performing three circles aro
und the map, and finally landing the aircraft down safely without any damages or missing parts on the aircraft being used. Another requirement to receive the Silver Wings badge is to attend at least 80% of the meeting held usually after school on Tuesday and Thursday, unless excused from the meeting by the club commander. At the end of these trials each cadets will have a chance in earning their own Silver Wings badge, and maybe a chance to fly an actual drone.

AMA is short for Academy Modeling of Aeronautics, and this club has a main purpose of building model aircraft's. An example of this is the 1903 wright flyer that we built in 2017. This model has many small, fragile pieces and was made out of balsa wood. With an instruction manual, some glue, and large amounts of caution, the AMA group was able to make it successfully. In this club, we are also able to attain knowledge about the models we make, which can easily be tied into our everyday life in Aviation high school

Kitty Hawk Air Society

The Kitty Hawk Air Society (KHAS) is the official national academic honor society for the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Its purpose is to promote high academic standards and achievement, school and community service, self confidence and initiative. KHAS also develops leadership abilities, recognizes academic and military achievement, and furthers members’ knowledge of the Air Force role in aerospace. Members of KHAS, once inducted, will be able to wear the KHAS badge on their uniform

Model Rocketry

Model rocketry is a club in which you learn how to build a model rocket. This comes with great responsibility due to the fact that doing something wrong can lead to failing to earn the badge. Not only will you have to build the rocket you must also launch and land it successfully twice. This club just doesn't teach you how to build a rocket it also teaches the value of teamwork and friendship because cadets can help each other during the building process.

Awareness Presentation Team

APT focus on awareness of bullying drugs/alcohol and on out future as adolescents. We are able to spread information and causes of what bullying may be to others and how it might affect the people around that person. APT Also talks about Drugs,mentally and spiritually. Making sure they are able to witness how it could be affecting pressured to do it this helps us bring citizens and future young adults into play. Building better students making them focus and education and their dreams which is why we present a lot of school when they have Future Career Day. As a commander I hope to create more participation in the members of the club. They themselves would be given a slide and their task is to add on or create a better interpretation of the slide in order to communicate with the young adolescent. Instead of doing only Two presentations my goal is to do at least Three with the involvement of every member present. Each member would also be practicing their slide every meeting to help develop better communication and public speaking skills.

APT Presentation