Wing Commander
C/Lt Col Nelvin Santana

The Wing Commander is responsible for the discipline, efficiency, training, morale, appearance, esprit de corps, and the conduct of the Wing. They also establish committees by assigning cadets, outline duties, establishing target dates and monitoring progress. In addition, they submit recommendations for promotions, disciplinary actions, and leadership position changes to the ASI for comments prior to submission to the SASI for final action. Furthermore, they coordinate all Wing activities with the SASI/ASI, and keep them informed of all activities within or having an effect on the Wing. Moreover, Wing Commanders supervise all activities conducted by the staff and ensure success in all activities as well as encourage participation throughout the Wing. 

Vice Wing Commander
C/Maj Karen Armijos

The duty of the Vice Wing Commander is to assume commander of the Wing in the absence of the Wing Commander, as well as assist the Wing Commander as directed in his/her responsibilities. They're also responsible for the Cadet of the Month Board and Drill Competition Operations. 

Chief of Staff
C/Capt Efi Galanis

The Chief of the Staff of the Wing is in charge of communicating with the squadron commanders of each group and the AFJROTC instructors to plan and schedule weekly meetings. the Chief of Staff keeps the Cadet wing Informed of upcoming events and other special interest items. In addition, the Chief of Staff is in charge of calculation and recording Honor flight points for each flight in the Cadet wing. The Chief of Staff also ensures that all weekly meetings run smoothly as well. The Chief of Staff maintains communication with the group commanders to address and resolve issues or concerns. In addition. In addition, advises the Wing Commander and the Vice Wing Commander on various different issues and topics of high importance. The Chief of Staff is responsible for not just paperwork, but also for maintaining a positive image in order to be a roll model for the junior staff and the Cadet wing. 

Wing First Sergeant
C/CMSgt Sakhr Hasan 

Wing First Sergeant (AS1)
C/CMSgt Ivan Feliciano

The Wing First Sergeant is the highest ranking senior enlisted cadet in the program whose job revolves around people. He or she deals with anything that relates to the enlisted cadets and works directly with the Wing Commander and the Instructors. It is the Wing First Sergeant responsibility to ensure that all enlisted cadets follow proper customs and courtesies, respect their chain of commander, wear the uniform proudly, foster good morale and stay focused on the mission. The First Sergeant is to serve as the highest example of what an outstanding cadet is and to mentor the new cadets and polish the returning ones. In addition he is responsible for communication with Instructors when someone is in the hospital. The First Sergeant encourage all cadets to find him or her if they are in need of help or just someone to talk to. 


Group Commander of Operations
C/1st Lt Jennifer Matute

The job of the Operations Group Commander is to ensure that the weekly reports are done effectively and the preparation and mentoring timetables are done precisely. They also ensure that all cadets records are updated likewise by verifying that every individual assistant have attributed all group benefit hours and occasions and cooperation have been set up into the cadets record and they have gotten credit for it. The Group Commander is also responsible for the effectiveness, organization, discipline and guidance of the group, maintaining a well and orderly meeting every week and ensuring all cadets are activity participating in squadron assignments, executing all goals and missions before the deadline. 

Assistant Group Commander of Operations
C/2nd Lt Nigya Thapa 


Group Commander of Logistics
C/1st Lt Onyekachi Okorom

The job of the Group Commander of Logistics is to ensure that the group is running smoothly as well as to make certain that we don't run out of uniform items. Uniform items include head wear slacks short sleeve shirts long sleeve shirts shoes trench coats light weights service coats belts tie and belt buckle. Uniform items will be ordered through the wings website. The Group Commander has to also ensure that members within the group are doing their corresponding job and that all items are accounted for. 

Assistant Group Commander of Logistics
C/2nd Lt Dana Henry


Group Commander of Communications
C/1st Lt Sandry Collado

The job of the Group Commander of Communications is to provide the AVNY 932 Wing with the latest technology, make sure all computers run fast and efficiently, keep bullet boards posted outside the classroom up to date with latest events documented resources (word of the day, memorandums, etc.). It is crucial to keep the Instructors updated in any changes and progress made to the group. The Group Commander is also responsible for the effectiveness, organization, discipline and guidance of the group, maintaining a well and orderly meeting every week and ensuring all cadets are activity participating in squadron assignments and executing all goals and missions before the deadline. 

Assistant Group Commander of Communications
C/2nd Lt Jiovany Louis


Group Commander of Support
C/1st Lt Alejandro Reinoso

The job of the Group Commander of Support is to ensure the Wing is supported. 
Support’s main goal is to assist our Wing and make sure everything runs smoothly. The Support group is divided into two squadrons, services and civil engineering. The actions of services include: the organization of events, following procedures to ensure these events are successful, cleaning of the area utilized, and serving of food at an organized event. Civil Engineering is the squadron in charge of planning/researching future events for the wing to participate in. In addition to this Civil Engineering cleans up the keystaff area every friday as well as the balcony, and the classroom. Therefore the, Support group  is all about coordination and organization.

Assistant Group Commander of Support
C/2nd Lt Bryan Naranjo

Honor Guard

Honor Guard Commander
C/1st Lt. Bryan Barbecho

The Honor Guard Commander is the cadet responsible for the operation of the NY 932 Honor Guard. The Honor Guard Commander is the senior most cadet in the NY 932 Honor Guard. The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for all the wing, school, and community color guard events where the NY 932 Wing is present. The Honor Guard Commander is the cadet who displays excellence and mastery in areas of military knowledge, drill/physical fitness, and dress and appearance. The Honor Guard Commander works alongside the Honor Guard Deputy Commander and the Honor Guard 1st Sergeant to train, evaluate and select new guardsmen every school year. The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for the actions of his.her guardsmen, therefore he/she must be positive role model.The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for communicating with the Honor Guard Staff and the Honor Guardsmen to ensure continuity and success of the NY 932 Wing. 

Honor Guard Deputy
C/1st Lt. Justin Acosta

As the Deputy Honor Guard Commander, our responsibility is handling the Guards. In this position we are responsible over the representation of the Guards in the Wing, at all times. This includes how they act during academic classes, when in JROTC, and even when they are at lunch. As Guards they represent the entire Wing, and act as the role models for incoming cadets, therefore as the Deputy Commander, we must supervise over their actions to ensure that they are properly representing not only Honor Guard but the wing. In addition to this, in our position, we act as a role model to Guards as well, therefore just like we must supervise their behavior, we must ensure we act nothing less than what's expected from them. As well as,in our position we respond to the Honor Guard Commander and are responsible for all documentation of the Guards performance each week when they have uniform inspection as well as physical fitness days. These are the responsibilities that must be upheld as the Honor Guard Deputy Commander.

Honor Guard First Sergeant

The job of the Honor Guard First Sergeant is to take the new Honor Guard Trainees and mold them into potential guards. Besides recommending them to the commander, his or her job is to groom the military knowledge,l physical, and mental capabilities of a trainee. The Honor Guard First Sergeant is also there to maintain the respect level between trainees and serve as a foundation
for the trainees to lean on.