Honor Guard Commander

The Honor Guard Commander is the cadet responsible for the operation of the NY 932 Honor Guard. The Honor Guard Commander is the senior most cadet in the NY 932 Honor Guard. The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for all the wing, school, and community color guard events where the NY 932 Wing is present. The Honor Guard Commander is the cadet who displays excellence and mastery in areas of military knowledge, drill/physical fitness, and dress and appearance. The Honor Guard Commander works alongside the Honor Guard Deputy Commander and the Honor Guard 1st Sergeant to train, evaluate and select new guardsmen every school year. The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for the actions of his.her guardsmen, therefore he/she must be positive role model.The Honor Guard Commander is responsible for communicating with the Honor Guard Staff and the Honor Guardsmen to ensure continuity and success of the NY 932 Wing. 

Honor Guard Deputy

As the Deputy Honor Guard Commander, our responsibility is handling the Guards. In this position we are responsible over the representation of the Guards in the Wing, at all times. This includes how they act during academic classes, when in JROTC, and even when they are at lunch. As Guards they represent the entire Wing, and act as the role models for incoming cadets, therefore as the Deputy Commander, we must supervise over their actions to ensure that they are properly representing not only Honor Guard but the wing. In addition to this, in our position, we act as a role model to Guards as well, therefore just like we must supervise their behavior, we must ensure we act nothing less than what's expected from them. As well as,in our position we respond to the Honor Guard Commander and are responsible for all documentation of the Guards performance each week when they have uniform inspection as well as physical fitness days. These are the responsibilities that must be upheld as the Honor Guard Deputy Commander.

Honor Guard First Sergeant 

The job of the Honor Guard First Sergeant is to take the new Honor Guard Trainees and mold them into potential guards. Besides recommending them to the commander, his or her job is to groom the military knowledge,l physical, and mental capabilities of a trainee. The Honor Guard First Sergeant is also there to maintain the respect level between trainees and serve as a foundation
for the trainees to lean on.