Support is one of the groups in our AFJROTC NY 932 Wing, as said in the word itself;it supports the wing, and can be considered the backbone of the Wing.Support’s main goal is to assist our wing and make sure everything runs smoothly.We are the ones who organizes the trips,community events such a walks and parades, where our wings could participate.We also help in every event in our school, where we serve food to other cadets, clean the place and make sure everything is run smoothly.Moreover our support is divided into two squadrons, services and civil engineering.In services,the organization of events,cleaning of  the tables and serving of the food occurs, in civil engineering we clean up the keystaff area every friday as well as the balcony,and the classroom.We also plan new educational trips and community service events where our whole wing could participate in; where we learn vast amount of outside knowledges.